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Everything below are things I own and use, so I am comfortable recommending them. The beauty and hair sections are updated as I find new or better products for my personal routine. Enjoy!


Morning Routine: The Boscia gentle cleanser is a green product and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. Using a vitamin C cream in the morning helps with brightening. I also use an eye cream since they come in a bundle with the Ole Henriksen package. This Cerave moisturizer lives up to the hype and is very affordable. The sun is evil (for your skin) so make sure there is a SPF 30 sunscreen in your routine, this one is made for your face and doesn’t leave an oily or chalky residue. Lastly, the Drunk Elephant bronzer gives a tanned glow.

Evening Routine: I use Burts Bee’s wipes to take off makeup. They don’t burn and do a thorough job. I use the same Boscia cleanser and Cerave moisturizer at night. This retinol works well for me, remember retinol takes time and you have to gradually work it into your routine. Every other night, I use three drops of these tanning drops. Lastly, Innisfree Green Tea Lip sleeping mask is *chef’s kiss* for your lips, especially during the colder months.


Finding the right shampoo and conditioner feels like a never-ending journey. I’ve been using these Biolage products for a few months and I wash my hair 5-6 times a week. They are excellent quality, they keep my color fresh between visits to the salon, and they smell lovely. After a shower, I use the Caviar conditioner. Then after a wet brush, this Keratase serum keeps the ends of your hair soft and nourished. Oribe projects are expensive but they work very well. I use the refreshing spray before styling. If more volume is needed, the dry texture spray is the best on the market. Also between washes, Living proof dry shampoo is the holy grail.



Give me all the rose gold! Pavoi makes delicate and affordable jewelry. I wear my Cluse watch every day. It’s been going strong for three years. Also, I wear my Fitbit everyday so the rose gold chain goes well with my other pieces of jewelry. The Dream Paris boots- where do I start. They are warmer and more cold and water resistant than some very expensive brands. SO GOOD. Also, I included my favorite slippers, they are like clouds on your tooties. Lastly, my all time favorite booties. They can be dressed up or go with casual looks. The chunky heel makes them comfortable. I’ve worn those bad boys while running through O’Hare and they didn’t let me down.


Putting cozy touches in our home is one of my favorite hobbies. I don’t have time to keep ANY plants alive (people and pets are hard enough) so I indulge in faux plants and florals. The faux fur blanket is deliciously cozy.  I’ve been trying to bring in more industrial and modern looks into our home so I’m obsessed with the simple lines on the pillow covers.


Feeling #blessed every day that we live in a time where robots vacuum for us and I can turn lights on and off at my beck and call. We love tech that makes our lives easier at our house. Since I work in tech, I am a 100% eReader only. My Kindle Paperwhite is my ride or die. Also, I recently became a Fitbit convert. I am obsessed with analyzing my sleep data and its helped motivate my workouts ten fold- I should’ve gotten one sooner!


A few fun “just because” gifts for the man in your life.


Bauer’s top picks. He has excellent taste.