A dependable structure and well-constructed plan help keep *some* of the crazy at bay. I commonly make myself digital templates to stay organized. I can access them anytime on my devices and stay paper free! Below are some of my favorites I am thrilled to share.

All of the templates can be downloaded from the google drive links. You can make them your own by editing them and saving a personal copy.

**NEW** Holiday Budget Template

I’ve been using this template for years and just made it available for download. The template allows for keeping track of gift ideas, items purchased, budget/spend information, and helps you keep track of what is wrapped and ready! There are two tabs that include different set ups, the first tab is great if you assign a budget per person. The second tab is useful if you have a total budget number and don’t need to track spend per person. This template has a few more excel tricks up it’s sleeves so please reach out if you need changes to make it work for you family.

Daycare Evaluation Tracker

Keep track of the details that matter most when looking for the best daycare provider for your family! This sheet helps you to focus on your non-negotiables and find the best fit.

Birth Outline – 1 Simple Page

A birth rarely goes as planned- mine didn’t! Letting go of control is one of the hardest lessons I’ve encountered in motherhood. The good thing is, advocating for yourself and your baby at a hospital birth is 100% possible, even when plans go out the window. This simple one pager will make the very important and personal choices easy to digest in any situation. **I left a majority of my personal choices in this document. Please download and make changes that are best for you!**

Take Back the Night – Toddler Sleep Guide

There was ONE long night for my toddler. That’s all it took for me to make this document. Since “the night”, we use this page to put Celeste to bed every night. Using imagery helped us bridge communication gaps and helped her understand its time for sleep.

Packing Template – 0-18 mos.

Road tripping with a little one is difficult enough! There are so many items to pack that can make-or-break your travels. I used this checklist whenever we went on a road trip to be certain I wasn’t forgetting any supplies.