Why hello there! My name is Chrissy and I’m so grateful you’re here. On Blushed Living, I share tips on making it “work” as a working mama, affordable fashion, simple home decor for smaller spaces, beauty tips, and anything in between.

I grew up in Central New York and spent my college years across the state from Buffalo to NYC. I met my husband during my internship for the New York Islanders (however GO RANGERS). We settled in Bucks County, PA. It’s the perfect place to raise our family with some great restaurants and things to do. I’m a working mama –I head a marketing operations team for a fintech company. This is my creative outlet that balances my technical work.

While becoming a mama to our daughter, Celeste, I felt first-hand how lonely motherhood could be. During my maternity leave, I befriended other woman on Instagram who helped me find a sense of self-love and belonging. If I can make one woman feel less alone (and maybe laugh a bit) then I’ve accomplished my goal!

Hope to learn more about you! The best place to connect is here on my ‘gram!