Relaxed Fit Jean Try-On

Let’s talk jeans! The other week I was scrolling online and saw a video that was putting Millennials on blast for still wearing their skinny jeans. First of all, very rude for acting like someone has already politely communicated this to us, but that’s fine. My second thought was that I felt old. I remember wearing flare jeans in my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. I still remember the feeling of soggy flare jeans dragging in the snow.

I also remember the first time I wore skinny jeans in college. I was working at an unnamed, rather offensive clothing store. I was given skinny jeans to wear for work. I liked them and wore them out. Someone at the bar laughed at my skinny jeans and for a second I felt embarrassed. But eventually they caught on and its all we’ve been wearing for a decade.

The style of jeans was bound to change at some point. Skinny jeans had a glorious run. I’m still wearing them! But I did feel tempted to try the relaxed style of jeans. They just looked comfortable so I grabbed some pairs.

Here are my recommendations. (For reference I am 5’4 and a size 4):

  • ae_stretch_mom_jean
  • ae_90s_boyfriend_jeans
  • Old_Navy_High_Waisted_OG_Jeans
  • Old_Navy_Distressed_Boyfriend_Jean
  1. AE Stretch Mom Jeans – ( True to size | $49) These are my favorite of the group. They are the perfect amount of snug up top then sit wider in the leg. They have the soft stretch that we all know and love from skinny jeans so its a good transition for anyone that isn’t feeling sure about trying the newer style.
  2. AE’s 90’s Boyfriend Jeans – (Size down | $37) Love the high rise sit of these jeans. They are comfortable and cuff well on the bottom. They have a loose look up top and run large so I recommend going a size down.
  3. Old Navy High Wasted OG Straight Ankle Jeans – (True to size | $42) These are the highest waist of the group. The material feels high quality. With the straight ankle they still feel wide and are perfect to cuff as well. I do a small fold then cuff them twice to give a tailored look at the bottom.
  4. Old Navy Mid Rise Distressed Boyfriend Jeans – (Size down | $45) I’ve had these jeans for almost a year so the link is to the most similar pair I could find. They fit great in the back but still have the wider, comfortable fit in the thighs. Mine are very distressed so I tend to wear them more in the warmer months.

While I still stand by my skinny jeans, I am embracing the more relaxed fit of these “new” styles. You might even find that they are comfortable to wear working from home.

If you’ve been trying relaxed fit jeans let me know what you think! Are they comfortable enough for you to retire some of those skinnies?

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