Holiday Gift Ideas When You Don’t Know What To Buy

Holiday gift ideas when you don't know what to buy

There are some people that you love dearly, but figuring out what Christmas gift to buy them is plain difficult. Amazon or Starbucks gift cards don’t feel thoughtful or useful enough.

Sometimes these people are Dads, because let’s be honest, WHY are they so difficult to purchase gifts for? Or perhaps you have a Secret Santa that you don’t know well enough to think of that perfect gift.

Over the past week, I’ve been thinking of my favorite household items that I can’t live without. There are tons of phenomenal bloggers that create gift guides for specific ages and interests. Here is my twist on a gift guide: An incredibly generic list of items for adults that are useful and thoughtful.

(Quick digression: I couldn’t figure out what to title this post because ^^ that last sentence ^^ was too long but “Gift Ideas for Adults” could have been interpreted the *ahem* wrong way.)

Anyways, let’s get to it, here are some tried-and-true items from least to most expensive that I use daily or weekly.

  1. Rub Away Bar $8.38 – If someone frequently cooks this is the best gift. It can also be a great stocking stuffer. Its chunk of stainless steel shaped like a bar of soap. If you cook with something fragrant like garlic, onions, or seafood this is the perfect gift. After cooking I rub this between my hands and ALL the strong smells are immediately gone. The molecules in the steel bind with with sulfur on your hands completely whisking away all the stinky ingredient smells with them. I cook with garlic constantly and this is a lifesaver.
  2. Flameless Candles- battery powered w/ remote $25.99 – These candles are great d├ęcor pieces and go with any space. I have some in sconces on the wall and in our table centerpiece. They turn on everyday around 5 pm and stay on for six hours. I love the ambiance they set in the room in the evenings and there is no risk of fires.
  3. Silk Pillow Case $25.99 – This is my favorite item on the list. If there is one product that keeps my skin and hair looking healthy its silk pillowcases. Seriously, I stand by them 100%. When traveling existed I brought them with me to hotels. If you don’t see a difference when you look in the mirror in the morning then I will provide a refund. They come in 35 different colors and patterns so its easy to find one that matches your bedding.
  4. Knit Blanket $34.99 – You can never have enough blankets so they are a safe and useful gift. I have numerous throws in our house and the best type to gift is knit. They wash and dry much easier than a faux fur blanket. They keep better than fleece. My absolutely favorite knit blanket came from Land’s End years ago and its still my go-to when hanging out on the couch. Unfortunately, they don’t make it anymore but I found a similar throw on Amazon.
  5. FitTrack Dara Scale $89.95 -I bought this for myself a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed. This does so much more than give you a number for your weight, because we all know that health is more than one number. This scale reads 17 different measurements to give you an idea of your health. My favorites are the percent of body water and protein mass. You track your stats overtime in an app that can have up to eight different users.
  6. Roomba $199 (regularly $249) – Roombas are just the best. Its a great big ticket item for both a clean freak or someone who needs a robotic hand to help clean more often. When we first got one I was afraid that Bauer wouldn’t be able to deal but he adjusted quickly. Funny enough, Celeste is more afraid of it than Bauer! Ours is docked downstairs and I wish I had an upstairs Roomba, too. You can argue you need more than one which makes it a safe bet for a more expensive gift.

I hope this helped to spark ideas of quality gifts for just about anyone. Merry Christmas, friends!

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