Christmas in July

Ohhh the weather outside is….97 degrees with thunderstorms. But Hallmark’s Christmas in July movies are delightful.

It’s July but we can all agree this year has been relentless. Christmas cheer is just what we need. The holiday season is my favorite time of year. I start listening to Christmas music well before Thanksgiving (Turkey day is just Christmas’ pregame, IMO). I love the decor, traditions, cookies, and holiday spirit. I have been feeling Christmasy all week long thanks to Hallmark.

I grew up with only “real” Christmas trees. Last year, we knew that Celeste would be all over the tree and it would be cleaner and safer to switch to artificial. I took advantage of the commercialization of “Christmas in July” and ended up getting high quality decor for 50-60% off list price. So, in celebration of Christmas in July, I grabbed some of my favorite Christmas items in case anyone is in the mood to stock up early!


1. Frosted Pine Garland – I love a flocked look for Christmas! Same style as the pine and cone but with the extra snowy look. I would recommend using the 40% coupon OR waiting until they are in the store and on sale

2. Pine and Cone Garland – Long pine needles lay nicely on mantels and tables.


3. Artificial Douglas Fir w/ Lights (Color and White) – 51% off + free shipping. Plus Wayfair’s customer service is excellent! This tree is the main tree in our living room.

4. Flocked Fur with White Lights – 44% off + free shipping. The snowy branches of a flocked tree are a nice change. I put this tree in our bedroom.


5. Green Bristle and Berry Lit Wreath – 18% off. Good quality and moderately priced for a high quality wreath.

6. Flocked Pine Wreath – 36% and more of a splurge. If you are going to have a flocked tree and garland then you might as well.


7. Plush Christmas Gnomes – 10x cuter than that creepy elf on the shelf. Just look at how cute these guys are!

8. Wooden Merry Christmas Sign – Versatile basic sign that would look nice in almost any room.

9. Tinsel Kitchen Towels – These are great quality add a quirky touch to your Christmas decor.

10. Mini Birch Logs – These are lovely fillers for table centerpieces.

11. Needlepoint Stockings – We have a personalized needlepoint stocking for everyone in our family šŸ™‚ When we grow our family we will certainly add to our needlepoint stocking collection to keep the theme.

12. Christmas Countdown – Get excited! Everyone needs a Christmas countdown to the big day.

Alright now I want to put up the tree and deck the halls. Only 5 more months!

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