Mother’s Day Wish List

Happy early Mother’s Day to all the baby mamas, fur mamas, grand-mamas, God-mamas, working mamas, ALL THE MAMA FIGURES!

Here are the items that I love or have my eye on from caffeine fixes to comfy–all these items just make me feel good 🙂

This Mother’s Day will certainly be different. I’ve been thinking about when I was on maternity leave and my mom was 4 hours away. Even though she couldn’t physically help me during the day, the emotional love and support through phone calls and video chats can mean so much! I hope everyone gets to connect and send love to a special woman in their life this Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas
  1. Hyper Chiller | 2. House Shoes |3. Roomba | 4. Faux Fur Throw | 5. Nespresso Machine w/ Frother | 6. Balloon Sleeve Sweatshirt | 7. MAMA Tennis Bracelet | 8. Air Pods or SONY Earbuds| 9. Spice Rack Organizer | 10. Silk Pillowcase | 11. Flora Forager Notebook

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