Mom Night

Tonight is the first night of what appears to be many more “mom nights” in our family.

At the end of last week, I hit a breaking point where I was getting wrapped up in the monotony of work, cook, clean, sleep -> rinse & repeat.

Chris has been dedicating a night each week to play online with friends and I realized there wasn’t a specific time I was setting aside to unwind. I was still getting in workouts and doing enjoyable things, but I constantly had a monitor attached to me or a tiny human climbing up my leg. I started to feel burnt out and like there wasn’t enough of me to give.

I brought up my feelings to Chris and we decided that I needed one night a week to do whatever I pleased. Queue: MOM NIGHT! Each Wednesday, when the clock strikes 6 pm, Mom Night begins (at least while we are still social distancing at home).

At 6 pm sharp, I declared “OK that’s it, no more talking to me!” (Half kidding). This is how I have spent my first Mom Night so far:

  1. Made brownie batter.
  2. Got changed for a work out.
  3. Put the brownies in the oven.
  4. Worked out for 45 minutes, the exact amount of time it takes brownies to bake!
  5. Poured a glass of wine, sat in my favorite chair, ate a brownie.
  6. Now I am spending time doing something else I love- typing right here!
  7. TBC: Face mask, Book, Bed

Listen to that burnt out feeling and make a change, whether you are a tired momma, dedicated over-worker, or just need a change of pace. Like my new favorite song says, “Somedays you wake up and nothing works, you feel surrounded. Gotta give your feet some gravity to get you grounded.” (Sunday Best – Surfaces)

I’d love to hear other ways to spend my Mom Night so please share how you’re keeping yourself happy at home.

Wash ya hands!


3 thoughts on “Mom Night

  1. How do you set that boundary to get solo time when you have two other people in the house? Are they quarantined upstairs? Do you have an invisibility cloak? Share those secrets! And maybe that brownie recipe.


    1. Mom Night is on our shared Google calendar now! I literally did say out loud “ok, it’s quiet time for mom starting now.” I worked out in a completely different room. I still gave Celeste a goodnight hug and kiss but then I just walked out and dad took over. Lastly GHIRARDELLI BABY! Love their dark chocolate brownies 😍


  2. I spent “Mom Night” cleaning up after dinner and a day of Celeste going rampant on the house! Then it was more playing and reading with her. Celeste’s game of the night was drag daddy around by the hand to random places in the house, sit for 3-5 seconds and move on to the next spot! After that we did Tickle Teeth (brushing our teeth), washed our faces and cuddled for a bit before bed. (We may of also snuck some brownies in there as well).


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