5 Step Plan to Keep Morales High While Working From Home

The world is confronted with this enormous pandemic and my heart goes out to the entire human race. I’ve had to make decision that sit heavy with me both at home and work. I can’t imagine the pressure that leaders at a larger scale are feeling as they try and do what they think is best around the globe.

My family is in a similar situation that many parents are facing today. Celeste’s daycare is closed for at least two weeks. My office is strictly work from home. Chris is expected to go in occasionally for meetings.

I’ve already written down ideas to try and keep a 2 year old occupied. I also have a list of meals that are quick and easy to throw together. The one area that still needs to be addressed is the steps I will take to keep myself positive during this crisis. Here are the five steps I am committing to while we are social distancing to keeping productive and positive for the next 2 weeks.

  1. Stick to your morning routine. While working from home, falling into a pattern of waking up late and not getting ready for the day is a slippery slope. I plan on continuing to wake at 6 AM and proceed with my normal routine to help me mentally prepare for each day.
  2. Create a Functional Home Work-Space. I occasionally work from home when I have appointments or I’m not feeling well. We have a desk on the third floor loft but its a room that doesn’t have the right vibe for a productive day. The room is used to watch hockey and football. It’s great for having a good time with darts, popcorn, and watching games! However, the decor doesn’t exactly scream, “Get Stuff Done, Girl!”.
    Instead, I set up a work-space at our table. I made sure I have a monitor to extend my laptop to make working easier. The room also has natural light to keep me energized. Plus, its close to our Nespresso machine. 🙂 At the end of the work day, I will put the monitor away and make sure our table easily converts back to a place for family meals to maintain a compartmentalized home and work environment.
  3. List 3 Things I’m Grateful for Each Day. Whenever I’ve gone through a difficult time, I’ve used this technique to redirect my thoughts to be positive in nature. The first few days I roll my eyes and force myself through it. Eventually my mood shifts and I am fueled by positive thoughts, even in dark times. I will be sharing my “3 Daily Gratefuls” on my Instagram stories every day while we are social distancing.
  4. Keep Active. I plan to maintain my 3-4 days/week workout routine. Usually I crave a boutique studio but that is out of the question! When I have been traveling for work or unable to make classes, I always gravitate to workouts from these three ladies! I get a great workout by following their instructional videos, plus there is no charge!
    1. Deliciously Fit & Healthy
    2. Our Fit Family Life
    3. HomeBody Sculpt
  5. Be Kind To Myself and Others. I will continue to remind myself that there will be moments that are difficult. I have anxiety about trying to be productive while working from home with a toddler for half a month (at least).
    I also plead with everyone to be nice to one another. Just like grief, people express their anxieties in different ways. Not to mention that everyone is going to have their own hardships while we come out on the other side of this mess.
    Let people express what they want to express. Share your thoughts and know that others are entitled to handle it in a way that is best for them (that is probably different then how you cope). Do what is best for yourself and your family. Just be FUCKING NICE. There, I said it. 😉

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