Office Haul: My Work Must-Haves

I love creating a work space that reflects who I am with a minimalist vibe. I spend 40-50 hours per week in my office, so I want it to feel comfortable. I also want the space to be THE place designed for focus. Here are my favorite touches for the work place or home office.

1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These have saved me from many headaches. I stare at a screen most of my day. Also, if you haven’t already noticed, I enjoy doing things like curating THIS website and my Instagram. Therefore, I also spend some non-working hours on a device. These glasses block the blue light from screens that can cause headaches and sore eyes. Not to mention, they are super cute.

2. Block Calendar. I am a gold kind of gal, so my working space has some modern gold touches including this block calendar. The first thing I do after I set my bag down while my machine is turning on is update my block calendar.

3. Lunch Bag. You’ve got to keep it fun! I got this cute bag in the ONLY fabfitfun box I have ever tried. I love the polka dot pattern and gold touches. It’s on the smaller side but still fits a yogurt, beverage, and granola bar.

4. Makeup Fridge. Wait, what? Yes, I have a make-up fridge under my desk. Its the size of a lunch bag. Compared to a typical mini fridge, I guess you could call it a mini-mini fridge. It fits a small tupperware, creamer, and my daily Spindrift. I selfishly love that I don’t have to share a (dirty) fridge.

5. Modern Gold Metal Organizer. I try to keep it paper free. For those minimal pieces of paper, I use this gold organizer. If I’m going to use paper, I might as well make it modern and cute.

6. Something/Anything Green! True story, one day I really felt like I needed more green in my office so I dragged a lonely ficus tree that was in a remote corner of the building into my office. I also have a faux plant on my desk. Green just makes a space feel light and alive.

6. Last but not least, don’t forget to keep soothing lotions, sanitizers, lip balms, and mint’s within reach. You’ve got to feel good and smell good (not too fragrant though, you’re in an office!)

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